Dbrand declares its PS5 Darkplates ‘are dead’ after Sony threatens legal action
Earlier this year, Canadian company dbrand started selling matte black faceplates for Sony’s PS5 console, calling them ‘Darkplates’. Now, dbrand has announced it’s pulling Darkplates from sale after receiving a cease and desist letter from Sony

11 Fun Subscription Boxes for Kids of All Ages
my family has really gotten into subscription boxes this year. Covid-19 vaccinations have loosened restrictions for many, but my two young kids are unvaccinated. For us, life remains just about as socially distanced as it was last year. A weekly or monthly gif
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Moscow metro launches facial recognition payment system despite privacy concerns
More than 240 metro stations across Moscow now allow passengers to pay for a ride by looking at a camera. The Moscow metro has launched what authorities say is the first mass-scale deployment of a facial recognition payment system. According to

Wheel of Time Video Introduces Eyeless Villains & Their Minions
The Wheel of Time show introduces its eyeless villains and their minions in a new video. Amazon is hoping it can find its own Game of Thrones as it adapts Robert Jordan’s sprawling fantasy novel series.

The first trailer for Amazon’s Wheel of Time released back in September and

Dave Chappelle, ‘Squid Game,’ and the Problem of Popularity
The Monitor is a weekly column devoted to everything happening in the WIRED world of culture, from movies to memes, TV to Twitter.

It’s a question one can ask at any time, but perhaps this week more than most: What is happening at Netflix? After months

Steam is now banning all games that engage in cryptocurrency or NFT trading
Steam will no longer let games or other software onto its storefront if they engage in any cryptocurrency or NFT trading using blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs were tagged onto to the list of prohibited application features on Steam's St

OnePlus Co-Founder Might Release A New Android Phone In 2022
2022 could be an exciting year for Android fans, as a new rumor suggests OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei is creating a 'Nothing' smartphone. Any longtime OnePlus followers will know the company has taken a few big shifts in recent years. While OnePlus started out as an enthusiast brand

Microsoft is toying with a new way to roll out Windows 11 updates
Following the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft has revealed that it is currently in the process of testing out a new way to deliver updates to the latest version of its operating system.

In a new blog post commemorating the 7-year anniversary of the Windows Insider Program,

What If Panic Over Social Media Is Overblown?
In his new book Tech Panic: Why We Shouldn’t Fear Facebook and the Future, Robby Soave questions the conventional wisdom which says that social media represents an unprecedented threat to the well-being of America’s youth.

“I think there’s been a lot of panicking about social me

Hailee Steinfeld Compares Playing Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop to Dickinson
Hailee Steinfeld compares playing Kate Bishop in Hawkeye to the young poet in Dickinson. Created by Alena Smith for Apple TV+, the first season of Dickinson premiered in 2019 along with the debut of the streaming service itself. It was quickly renewed for a sophomor

President's Brief: An apology to the fans – Washington Football Team Google Miscellanea
Almost every mistake starts off with the best of intentions…

What we wanted to do was make good on something we know was long overdue. Of all the football

The Batman Trailer Image Reveals Different Catwoman Hairstyle
The Batman director Matt Reeves has revealed a new image of Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman/Selina Kyle ahead of the upcoming trailer for the film. Kravitz will play the iconic Batman character alongside Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne, Paul Dano’s Riddler, Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon, John

Missouri Threatens to Sue a Reporter Over a Security Flaw
The blame game began even before Parson's press conference, as Wednesday's Post-Dispatch report said:

In the letter to teachers, Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven said "an individual took the records of at least three educators, unencrypted the sour

GTA Remastered Trilogy system requirements dash hopes for full remake
The leaks around the GTA Remastered Trilogy are coming in hot like a six-star wanted level as we get closer to a possible announcement by the end of the year, and a new rumor might have given our first look at the GTA Remastered Trilogy system requirements – and the

Jack Dorsey says Square is ‘considering’ building a Bitcoin mining system
Jack Dorsey says that Square is “considering” building its own Bitcoin mining system using custom silicon and open source software. “Square is considering building a Bitcoin mining system based on custom silicon and open source for individuals and

Steam Games With Crypto, NFTs Being Removed From the Platform
Steam is banning games that are built on blockchain technology or that allow the exchange of cryptocurrency and NFTs, establishing another hurdle for the world of blockchain games. Playable NFT video games are growing in popularity and a few have stuck out in the crowd, gaining con

Brave browser cuts off another avenue for tracking your web activity
In order to further protect users of its browser from unwanted tracking online, Brave Software has announced in a new blog post that it will add debouncing protection to Brave.

Bounce tracking is yet another technique websites use to follow users around the web. The

<b>Bitcoin</b> nears $60000 as investors eye first US ETFs – The Economic Times
Cryptocurrency investors have been waiting for news of approval of the country&#39;s first bitcoin ETF, and some of bitcoin&#39;s rally in recent months has ... social experiment by Livio Acerbo

DocuSign phishing campaign targets low-ranking employees
Phishing actors are following a new trend of targeting non-executive employees but who still have access to valuable areas within an organization.

As reported by Avanan researchers, half of all phishing emails they analyzed in recent months impersonated non-executives, and 77% of them targ

Are We Panicking Over Social Media?
In his new book Tech Panic: Why We Shouldn’t Fear Facebook and the Future, Robby Soave questions the conventional wisdom which says that social media represents an unprecedented threat to the well-being of America’s youth.

“I think there’s been a lot of panicking about social media that’s dispropor

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